#100ItalyFacts on Instagram, days 21-27

Since the very beginning the purpose of this challenge was to share facts which are slightly different and less obvious from the common stories you hear about Italy basically everyday.

So this past week I have the decided to start with Italian poetry, which I guess is not very well-know for the obvious language barrier, for then examining a fewย legends behind some of the most high-trafficked cities and famous tourist spots and concluding with our usual culinary Sunday!

Enjoy and, if you’d like me to post about a particular topic I have yet to write about, ask in a comment below! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Fall: why this is the best time to visit Italy

Fall is an excellent season to travel to Italy: it will allow you to avoid the hordes of tourists in the most famous cities and it will give you the opportunity to appreciate the charm of this fantastic season if you choose to beat the less touristy paths and try the so-called experiential tourism.

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#100ItalyFacts on Instagram, days 1-6

This is not a really good period for Italy: newscasts and headlines tell about a country that is dealing with a scary earthquake, the immigrants crisis, the lack of work and the dreadful constitutional referendum. Lately it’s not easy finding hope for us Italians.

For this reason, I decided to start a challenge on instagram called #100ItalyFacts in order to remind myself what’s good in Italy and also to share interesting aspects of my country to people who would like to know more about it. I will post everyday for 100 days a photo and a caption which will focus on a particular aspect of the Belpaese. They are tidbits which, hopefully, will open small windows on less known aspects of the Italian culture. If you are interested, follow me on instagram or read a weekly summary I will post here on Sundays.

Here there is the first recap!

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