The Italian Connection

Today I’ve joined the very first #DolceVitaBloggers link up organized by the wonderful Kristie, Kelly and Jasmine and I’ve tried to put into words which are the aspects that connect me with Italy, other than the official citizenship claimed in my ID.

Me looking over Marostica

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Modern Ruins: Recoaro Terme and the phantom of a 1800s spa-town in Italy

Modern ruins, abandoned implants, deserted buildings. These are the products of a society that constantly runs after progress. We don’t even realize it but sometimes we personally contribute to land consumption and to the abandonment of structures with our constant pursue of trends that are able to modify the urban layout of a city.  Spa-towns, for example, were a thing in the 19th century. Now, being the thermal vacation something outdated, these towns stand there like crippled creatures waiting for someone to remember and cure them. Let’s explore one of these towns located in the Veneto region: Recoaro Terme.

Recoaro Terme

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How to stop being just a tourist

When they say Instagram is the most superficial social media around, that is not true. In there I was actually able to meet very interesting and talented people and among them there’s without any sort of doubt Elfin Waters.
Elfin teaches Italian in a very smart and fun way, with a “visual” approach that I’ve found both inspiring and useful. I know this first-hand as I’m still personally struggling with foreign languages and a myriad of learning techniques. For those of you who are trying to learn La Bella Lingua to have a more fulfilling experience when visiting Italy, hear what she has to say in the following guest post that I gladly share here.

joshua-earle-2521Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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Italian Food Culture: A Conversation with Alberto and Kelly of Goldilocks and Bear’s Cuisine

There’s a lot of talk about the juxtaposition of the Italian and Italian-American food cultures, just lately pointed out as two completely different things, thanks to the Internet and the renovated interaction between our two communities. When I first met Alberto and Kelly, an Italian and an Italian-American running a blog about Italian cuisine, I was curious: how those two were able to find a balance between their different food heritages? Keep reading to learn more about this topic and this interesting couple of gourmets.


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Abandoned Italy: Neglected Houses in Marostica

Past, present and future fight a never-ending battle in Italy. Ancient ruins, abandoned towns, dismissed industrial implants are there to remind us that past should be integrated in a constructive way in the present in order to walk toward the future. But, as all the things in life, it is easier said than done! With this post, I’m going to launch a new column dedicated to “abandoned Italy”: a voyage that goes from neglected buildings to ghost towns and empty houses in need of refreshing. Discover the forgotten Italy and the story behind it.

Vacant building, Marostica

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Marostica, the Medieval walled city famous for the 3 C: chess, cherries and coffee

Marostica, a charming Medieval walled town on the hills of Vicenza, is most famous around the world for hosting a spectacular living chess game that takes place every two years in September. Other than that, it’s an important producer of cherries and played a fundamental role in introducing coffee in the Old Continent. Let’s walk together and explore this little gem of the Veneto region.

View from the top of the Lower Castle, Marostica

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4 travel diseases you shouldn’t be afraid of

How many times, when planning a trip, you have excluded certain destinations because of endemic diseases we are all afraid of? How many times you were advised to get vaccinated before leaving for certain countries? And, confess it, how many times you sniggered when a friend, after bragging about his imminent vacation in some tropical luxury resort, in the end caught the Montezuma’s Revenge?

Getting sick while travelling is no fun, but what if I tell you there are travel diseases that are not that dangerous after all? Keep reading to discover more 😉

Photo by on Unsplash

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