About me


I’m Sara, class 1985, travel agent for a bit. Born and raised at the foothills of the Small Dolomites, not very far from Venice in Northern Italy.



Geography and “the World” have always been a passion of mine: the first book my mother put in my hand, right after the Disney classics, was an atlas, so I presume this was kind of a destined path for me.


Since I was young, I devoted my life to the cult of the three T (territory, travel, tourism) by studying and researching these fields of interest. Now I’m trying to put into use what I learned “on the field” in an era of great challenges for the sector of tourism (the advent of the Internet surely one of the biggest).

What you will find in here

Having worked in the sector for a period as a travel agent, I’ve soon learned that the figure of the travel consultant has to be a sort of “human encyclopedia” (well, sort of!), able to jump from one niche to another and with a widespread knowledge concerning various topics.

As a consequence I’ll try to apply this ‘rule’ even over here and so the themes in this blog will be quite pervasive. However there will be certainly some tourism branches and topics I will focus on.

Italy will be one of them: being an Italian myself and since forever an avid learner of the attractions and the folkways of the Belpaese, you will find some interesting information in the section “Italy according to an Italian”. I think the perspective of a native will be useful: beyond the classic routes, I will share with you information about some very interesting things to experience off the beaten path.

Those attracted to cultural tourism and in the folkways will also find interesting entries in here.

A topic I feel pretty invested in is the so-called experiential tourism. As they say, “goods are tangible, services are intangible, experiences are memorable”. Experiences are those things that make a holiday unforgettable and that also allow us to grow as individuals and human beings. I will share with you some experiential itineraries that will make the difference to your holiday!

Welcome in my blog 🙂



7 thoughts on “About

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  2. I love your introduction.
    We shall have to stay in touch.
    Just spent two weeks in and around Pordenone, from the collini dei Prosecco to VV, Vitorio Veneto,of course, a beloved city, and then almost as far east as Marco Polo, yes, Friuli, that strange land, where they may eat like us, drink like us and even look like us, but as soon as they open thier mouths, strange sounds emanate sounding like a Frenchman being put to the rack. Richard on Dauntless
    Email dauntlessny@gmail.com

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